How Thai Massage Is Different From “Regular” Massage

If there is one type of massage that you have to try out for the purpose of getting the best form of relaxation, then you have to go into a massage parlor that offers Thai massage services. Many people who have experienced this massage, which had its origins in Thailand as the name implies, said that they have never felt a great level of relaxation and good feeling other than when they had this massage. So what makes this massage different from others?

Difference From Other Massage Types

When it comes to the difference between Thai massage and other types of massage, the very first thing that you will notice is the lack of tools and equipment on the former. Most massage types such as Swedish take place on a massage table, while the Thai version is taking place on a floor mat.

This is because the location allows your body to accept several motions caused by the massage itself. And unlike other massage types, this one would not just make you lie on your back or your stomach, as you can get into some other positions. Also, your massage therapist will be moving around while working on your body.

Another way that makes the Thai style of massage different from others is that it makes use of the therapist’s legs and feet in massaging your body, aside from just using hands, arms, elbows, and fists. The therapist can even use a combination of these to give the best stretches and massages on certain body parts, such as your limbs.

And lastly, what sets the Thai version of a massage service apart from other massage types is that you can experience the massage even if you are fully clothed. Unlike other massage types where you are required to get naked to receive the massage, this one doesn’t require you to do so, as this massage doesn’t make use of any oil.

But for the best results, wear your most comfortable clothes upon getting this massage, so that they will not constrict and become a hindrance from the massage session.

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